Evaluación de Artículos

Seminario de Investigación I

Jean Paul Aguilar Ruiz
Bill Andreopoulos, y Aijun An. “Bi-level clustering of mixed categorical and numerical biomedical data.”
Carlos Fernando Ariza Ladino
Statistical Evaluation of Measure and Distance on Document Classification Problems in Text Mining. Goto, Masayuki; Ishida, Takashi; Hirasawa, Shigeichi.
Christian Fernando Ariza Porras
An Adaptive User Profile Based on Memory Model, Wu, D.; Zhao, D. & Zhang, X.
Andres Mauricio Castillo Robles
An Evaluation of Text Retrieval Methods for Similarity Search of multi-dimensional NMR-Spectra
Anyela Milena Chavarro Muñoz
Lazebnik, S., Schmid, C. & Ponce, J., Beyond Bags of Features: Spatial Pyramid Matching
for Recognizing Natural Scene Categories
Andres Leonardo Cubillos Rodriguez
Bruneton, E. & Neyret, F.     Real-Time Rendering and Editing of Vector-based Terrains
Jairo Jesús Diaz Roa
"Practical S/W Component Quality Evaluation Model" Yoonjung Choi, Sungwook Lee, Houp Song, Jingoo Park & SunHee Kim
Laura Egea
Coulomb, D. Refrigeration and cold chain serving the global food industry and creating a better future: two key IIR challenges for improved health and environment
Omar Guillermo Erazo Cruz
 Lodhi, H., C. Saunders, J. Shawe-Taylor, N. Cristianini, and C. Watkins. Text classification using string kernels.
Robinson Andres Jaque Piraban
A branch-and-price algorithm for the capacited vehicle routing problem wiht stochstic demands. Christian H. Christiansen, Jens Lysgaard
Camilo Ernesto Lopez Guarin
Chen, D. et al "On Detecting Spatial Outliers"
Miguel Alejandro Parra Romero
Zhu, Z. & Ji, Q. Novel Eye Gaze Tracking Techniques Under Natural Head Movement.
Rhony Francisco Pedraza Bustamante
No publicó
Alexander Pinzon Fernandez
EITZ, M. LIXU, Gu. Hierarchical Spatial Hashing for Real-time Collision Detection.
Luis Alejandro Riveros Cruz
Shun-hong Sie y Jian-hua Yeh, “Automatic Ontology Generation Using Schema Information,”
Ivan Orlando Riveros Gomez
Building Domain Ontologies in a Retrieval System for Lung Pathology
Tatiana Suarez Fontanilla
Jeschke, S., Vieritz, H. & Pfeiffer, O.  "Developing Accessible Applications with User-Centered Architecture"
Raul Ernesto Torres Carvajal
Youseff, L. "Paravirtualization for HPC Systems"