Artículos Escogidos para Evaluación

Seminario de Investigación I

Andres Felipe Bustamante Garcia (Constructivism and Computer-mediated Communication in Distance Education)
Diana Marcela Cardona Roman (Evolving Artificial Neural Network ensembles)
Jimmy Alexander Cifuentes Rodriguez (Evolving Cellular Automata Music: From Sound Synthesis to Composition")
Victor Edwin Collazos Serrano (A survey of software refactoring)
Carlos Alfonso Garzon Mape (Using Component Metadata to Support the regression testing of component based software)
Edwar Javier Herrera Osorio (Designing data warehouses with OO conceptual models)
Carlos Andres Lugo Gonzalez (Synchronization Analysis for Decentralizing Composite Web Services)
Carlos Andres Morales Machuca (A web service Mining Framework)
Jose Guillermo Moreno Franco (Detecting filtered cloning in digital images )
Edwin Andres Niño Velasquez (No publicó artículos candidatos)
Jaime Augusto Penagos Carrascal (Online signature verification using a new extreme points warping technique,)
Maria Eugenia Rojas Izaquita (Neuro Fuzzy Systems: State-of-the-art  Modeling Techniques)
Cesar Augusto Sanchez Baquero (The Catch data warehouse: support for community health care decision-making)
Carolina Sarmiento Gonzalez (Ontology Building: A Terrorism Specialist's Perspective)
Rodolfo Alexander Torres Portilla (Image classification by a two-dimensional hidden Markov model)
Julian David Vargas Alvarez (Semantic Vector Products: Some Initial Investigations)
Andres Mauricio Velandia Moya (Animating Suspended Particle Explosions)