Artículos para Evaluación

Seminario de Investigación I

Nicolás Barajas: Combinatorial optimization: current successes and directions for the future
Claudia Becerra:  Interactive visualization of serial periodic data
Juan José Figueredo: Structure and function of evolved neuro-controllers for autonomous robots
Juan Carlos Galeano:  Clustering via Kernel Decomposition
Carlos Herrera: A Fast Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Large Spatial Databases
Yamile Jaime: Quality management, framework of knowledge capitalization at research organizations
Isabel Mahecha:
Luis Fernando Ortega:  Mozart: A Programming System for Agent Applications
Alix Rojas: Statistical Comparisons of Classifiers over Multiple Data Sets
Javier Fernando Vargas: Notes on Design Through Artificial Evolution: Opportunities and Algorithms
Jorge Enrique Victorino: Adaptive learning of statistical appearance models for 3D human tracking