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What is SHE?

  • SHE: Software Hardening Environment.
  • Tool for fault-tolerant software development.
  • It allows the design and implementation of software-based mitigation techniques, which can be automatically applied into programs.
  • The hardening (protection) strategy is based on code transformation rules at low level, i.e., assembly code.
  • It permits to apply software-based fault tolerance techniques in a selective way, protecting only the most critical parts of the program. As a result, there is a significant reduction in overheads, and at the same time, designers have more flexibility to find the best trade-offs among the system requirements.
  • Multiplatform: tested in Linux and Windows.


Software Hardening Environment - SHE



Supported microprocessors

  • Xilinx PicoBlaze 8-bit KCPSM3.
  • Xilinx PicoBlaze 8-bit KCPSM6.
  • Texas Instruments MSP430 16-bit.
  • More can be included.

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